Editorial Policy

Our Dedication to Delivering High-Quality Content

At Nickshanks.com, our pride lies in our commitment to unbiased reporting and content integrity. We uphold the principles of accuracy, quality content, and responsible journalism as the cornerstones of our mission. We steadfastly reject the practice of ‘click-baiting’ or sensationalizing any of our content.

Furthermore, we diligently collaborate with fact-checkers, verify sources, and authenticate the statements within our articles. Our primary goal is to provide authentic news, report events accurately, and dispel myths and falsehoods that may be propagated by mainstream media outlets.

Editorial Transparency

Our team of writers is unwaveringly dedicated to producing a diverse range of high-quality content that remains free from external influence.

We do not impose restrictions on our staff regarding the ownership or trading of digital currencies or blockchain-based projects. To maintain transparency and objectivity, we expect all staff members and contributors to adhere to the following disclosure guidelines:

  1. When writing about projects in which they have a personal investment or involvement, all writers are required to disclose this information at the conclusion of the respective article.
  2. All writers, including staff and contributors, who write about digital assets in which they have ownership or investments, should include a disclaimer disclosing their holdings (without specifying the amount) at the end of the respective article.

Should you have any further inquiries or questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via email at [email protected]. Your feedback and engagement are essential in upholding our commitment to journalistic integrity and transparency.